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Moja Interior Design

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Who We Are

Welcome to Moja Interior Design, your premier Perth-based Interior Design studio serving clients throughout WA and across Australia.

As a boutique multi-disciplinary practice, we specialize in providing bespoke design solutions for projects of any scale.

From retail and shop design to hospitality, commercial offices, and residential interiors, our portfolio spans a diverse range of sectors.

At Moja, we prioritize people-centric design above all else, and we are dedicated to meticulously crafting each project with precision and care, ensuring optimal outcomes for our clients.

Whether you're embarking on a large-scale commercial endeavour or seeking to enhance your residential space, Moja Interior Design is committed to delivering excellence in every detail.

Hospitality Interior Design

What Our Clients Say

Their excellent customer service and creative vision have led to an ongoing collaboration, allowing us to expand and grow our brand

Ahmad, Eastern Gold Sweets

The experience I had with Moja designs far exceeded my expectations. They were reasonable on their pricing and helped kept everything within my budget.

The designers have been there from the beginning. The Post completion support and advise was always prompt too.

Even 6 months after the completion and I'm still getting compliments from people on how good the shop looks.

Great job ! Highly recommended and I'll definitely use Moja design again.

Eric Voon, Iworkshop

The process has been amazing and we were especially happy with the amount of people stopping each day to chat about the display and the food, our customers find the design very relaxing. We had incredible feedback from people who have been to Vietnam saying it took them right back.

Adel Kedies, Krispy Roll

Recent Projects

Key Location

Krispy Roll

580 Mediterranean Kitchen

Nakisa & Co

Front Load

The Last Local Beer Garden


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