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Residential Interior Design

At Moja Interior Design, we view your home as more than just a space to live-

it's a reflection of your personality, needs and aspirations. As such, each corner should tell your story and become a canvas for personal expression.

That's why we are dedicated to creating spaces that resonate with your unique lifestyle, and our design process begins with a deep understanding of your needs and preferences

We offer a wide range of residential design services.

Whether you are building your dream home, renovating on a budget, or anything in-between, we have a custom design solution for you.

What we can do for you-
- Complete home plans, including all your finishes, hardware, and colour selections
- 3D visuals- get a glimpse of the end result before you commit
- Bathroom and laundry renovations
- Kitchen renovations and custom cabinetry 

We get to know you and your needs. The design for your home will be tailored to you and how you use the space. 

Our goal is to create environments that not only look stunning but also feel comfortable, functional, and perfectly tailored to your lifestyle.

Welcome home!

Residential Interior Design
Custom Cabinerty
Bathroom Renovation


Exmouth Residence, custom cabinetry,

bathroom design, new home build.



Concept render for East Perth renovation.

Residential Interior Design | Home Design | Home Renovations | Custom Cabinetry 

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