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The Full Story

About Moja Interior Design

Creating beautiful spaces since 2014


The Vision

At Moja Interior Design, we believe that interior design is first and foremost about people, always.  

Understanding how individuals interact with, utilize, and perceive spaces within their environment is paramount to our approach.

With this philosophy at the core of our practice, we are dedicated to delivering unparalleled interior design solutions tailored to the unique needs of each client.

Moja Interior Design is committed to prioritizing the human experience in design, ensuring that every project we undertake is infused with functionality, comfort, and aesthetic appeal.

The Designer

Back in 2014, with a background in retail and exhibition design, I decided to go on a new adventure and founded Moja Interior Design.

Since then, I've had the joy of seeing the successful completion of project after project, across various fields of interior design, both commercial and residential.

With close a decade and a half of interior design experience in Melbourne and Perth, I am proud to offer clients exceptional customer service, extensive knowledge of design requirements and processes, and above all- beautifully crafted interiors.

I treat each and every design with care and attention to detail.

I like to think of Moja as my “first baby”, but in fact I am a mum of two very cheeky little ones.
Thankfully, I've got coffee and chocolate in my life to keep me going!

I look forward to designing for you,

Let's chat,


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